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Finishing Touches

Blanket and pillow on wooden bench in green apartment interior with pouf, bag and plants.

"Where your personality lies"

Typically 1-2 hours

This is a 1-2 hour site visit where we can identify your areas of concern and discover what is needed to add your personality to the room.


£350 per room

Let's get started...

Our Finishing Touches service is perfect for those of you who have finished your room...  or so it seems BUT there's something missing! Maybe it's a sense of your personality, or some touches of colour, or something is off with your layout.  We can look at your room with fresh eyes and make some suggestions that will complete your room and give impact.


Site Visit

During the site visit you can tell me all of your 'pain points' relating to your room and what irks you about it.  We will be happy to give some suggestions and ideas on the day.  We will take photos of your room and come up with a plan of action


Action Plan

After our visit we will provide you with a report detailing exactly what we would recommend to complete your room.  This may include a shopping list of items to purchase,  and where they can be purchased.


Add on Services

You may wish this initial consultation to be the starting point to working with us on further interior design work,  if so we can offset the cost of this package against one of our other more in depth design packages.

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