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Our clients are a professional couple who have very busy working lives and two teenage daughters.  The new build home had been built to a very high specification with huge attention to detail with regards to the finishes.  The slate wall in the dining room was a very special feature in addition to the large fireplace the opposite end of the room.  However the room was rather a puzzle in regard to the layout  The room needed to function as both a TV watching relaxing living space as well as a dining room for family meals and entertaining friends.  The room is long and narrow and split into three by the patio doors. SO....  it made sense to me to zone the room into three to fall in with the positioning of the doors.  The back to back one armed sofas were the perfect solution, creating a cosy TV area,  a separate seating area that can be used for reading or coffee with friends, and with the TV and fireplace still visible.  ​ The clients were delighted and the layout  works really well for them. ​

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