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Room Redesign

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Our Room Redesign service is our most popular service.  The biggest stumbling block to getting started on a room redesign can be indecision.  Making the wrong decision can be costly and can impact the whole room.  We will look at the project as a whole considering every element and therefore reducing the risk of getting it wrong.


Site Visit

New Project...  Where to start??

Time Frame - Typically 3 months +

Starting with a 1-2 hour site visit we will come up with a complete design scheme specifically created for you.  

With this service we come along and see your in your home and chat through the project and what you would like to achieve.  We will take photos and measurements and ask lots of questions! Tell us your likes and dislikes,  how you use the space and a little about your family set up. Our aim is to make your home work for you both aesthectically and practically.


Starting The Design Process


£750 per room

Put your feet up and let us do the legwork!


After our visit we will get cracking straight away compiling samples and inspirational images.  We then have a further meeting with you to present our initial ideas.  Here is where we can start to get excited about the project and really dig deeper into the design direction.

We then expand on our initial ideas and compile a list of everything that is required, produce moodboards and floorplans.

Next Steps

After we have presented the complete design we can furnish you with the details or local trades and suppliers and provide a 'shopping list' of all of the items you will need to complete your room.  Some of which we can order on your behalf.  What could be simpler?

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