**WARNING** Do Not become an Interior Designer

Posted on August 28 2016

**WARNING**  Do Not become an Interior Designer

What???  Yeah you did read that right!  

So you have a passion for interiors.  When you go into a  newsagents would rather pick up a '25 Beautiful Homes' Magazine over 'Hello'! Fantastic! You have numerous Pinterest boards labelled 'My Ideal Home'.  This is a career that will challenge and inspire you.  It will test your mettle in lots of different ways.  You will need to have a huge array of practical skills.  (My handbag contains screwdriver, hammer, curtain hooks alongside my lippy and nail file) 


25 beautiful homes

But todays blog is not about a day in the life of an ID it is a WARNING!  

I have a few lovely projects on my books at the moment one of which I have given a lot of thought to this week.  I have perused HOUZZ and thumbed my vast quantity of home magazines gaining inspiration for what I am sure will be a breathtaking home once completed. The images I have seen make me want to pack my bags and move to Connecticut

Yesterday morning was spent in my shop prepping some really gorgeous blinds ready for the girls to work on this coming week.  These blinds will be fitted into the newly and beautifully renovated home of longterm friends of ours.  It will be truly stunning when completed. The flooring they have chosen is exactly what I would have chosen and the kitchen units are just so elegant. I can picture exaclty how these blinds will help to complete the sophisticated look of this house.

Then I went home.....

Now I realise that in the grand scheme of things I am very lucky, #firstworldproblems. However yesterday was one of those times when I found fault with absolutely everything!  We bought this house when we had two tiny boys and now we have three quite large boys. We have a three bedroom house and my sixteen year old who is now taller than me is folding his very long legs up into a bottom bunk whilst his 18 year old brother who has a double bed in his room stays out for nights on end!

Their clothes spill out of their drawers and onto their bedroom floors (standard teenage 'stuff I guess). I suddenly felt really claustrophobic. We have so much 'STUFF', washing, unidentified cables, wrapping paper, step ladder, shoes, dogs chew, junk mail and letters - sooo many letters,  just stuff that has no home all of which makes my beautifully styled home (ha ha!) a normal and real family home.  This is fine BUT it is not camera ready.  At no time could you walk into my home and snap away for a feature in a magazine article or Houzz without frantically grabbing all the ugly stuff and shoving it elsewhere.

The WARNING is...this job can make you disatisfied with what you have. I get to visit some really amazing houses and other peoples homes are bigger, cleaner, more organised, with no 'Stuff'. Or are they???  Actually that IS just in the photo shoots!  Real peoples homes are actually just like mine.  They have cobwebs and dog hair, they have dishes to wash and junk mail to get rid of.    

I left my house for an hour to get a little perspective and came back to my very lovely home and I thank God that I am lucky enough to live here.  My boys have everything they need (except a big enough bed!) they have had a wonderful childhood in this village and we are surrounded by so many lovely people. We are truly blessed.

I just need reminding sometimes!


house envy quote,

Here are two of the houses I have had the privelege of working in.  I think you'll agree, it would be hard not to feel a little envious of their lucky owners! 

Hazells Barn

Our friends Pete and Sarahs New Home - simply AMAZING!!

Greyhound House

Our friends Mandy and Chris Home - STUNNING!!

And here are a few snaps of my own home - the bits I can show you anyhow!! ;-)

garden seating

My gorgeous pallet seating with bespoke cushions made by me of course!


st judes curtains, made to measure

My gorgeous euro pleat curtains in Mark Herald Dove Flight fabric

- also made my me!!

mustard cushions, tretchikov print.

My gorgeous mustard velvet cushions - made by guess who!  and savvy sofa purchase, and my Tretchikov print which I LOVE! Oh and my cute little spaniel in the pic too!

ikea tv units, st judes curtains, x box

My gorgeous Finley playing XBox!!

(coffee table needs to go, but I won't moan about that today!)

habitat table, ikea console, gas heater, voyage lamp

AND  my gorgeous glass table from Habitat with rather sharp corners EEK!


comparison is the thief of joy




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