How To Make a Roman Blind - book your masterclass place with Applemoon Interiors now!

Posted on August 17 2018

How To Make a Roman Blind - book your masterclass place with Applemoon Interiors now!

Ever wanted to make your own Roman blind but felt a little daunted by the challenge? Fancy learning a new skill when the children go back to school? Is your home in need of a fresh, new look?

 If the answer to any of the questions above is a “yes”, you are looking at the right place.

 In my recent etc Magazine feature, I mentioned that there were several really exciting developments in the pipeline for Applemoon Interiors.

 Well, first up in our ‘big reveal’ is news that we are launching a series of masterclasses from our welcoming, new-look showroom in Westergate, near Chichester.

 Over the years, Applemoon Interiors, has gained a fabulous reputation for soft furnishings and, in particular bespoke Roman blinds, which are all hand-stitched and tailored to the needs of our customers.

 Having received so many queries about the process of making Roman blinds, we’ve decided it’s high time to share our secrets with you.

 On Tuesday, September 25th, from 7pm, you’re warmly invited to a friendly, informal evening here at our showroom, where I’ll be giving you a step-by-step demonstration, entitled ‘How To Make a Roman Blind’.

 The purpose of the masterclass, priced £25 per person, is to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gleaned over the last 15 years to show you exactly how you can go about making your own blind at home.

 As well as thoroughly explaining the process with a hands-on demonstration, during the two-and-a-half hour session, I’ll be advising you about which fabrics work best for Roman blinds and ones to avoid, as well as giving you a host of top-tips about the dos and don’ts of blind making.

 Roman blinds are regarded as one of the most stylish window treatments available, with clean, sophisticated lines that add an eye-catching touch to any home, whether traditional or contemporary.

 They can be used as a standalone window treatment, fitted outside the window, or inside the window recess, and can also be combined with curtains to give your window a layered look.

 Since Roman blinds are generally raised by a cord-pull or chain sidewinder, they’re a practical option too, if you want to avoid getting grubby finger marks on your chosen fabric.

 Apart from the demonstration and question and answer session, at the masterclass, I’ll be explaining which linings are most suitable for Roman blinds, how to add a contrasting border and explaining the child safety aspects of fitting blinds in your home.

 As well as enjoying a welcome drink and nibbles, and mingling with attendees, you’ll gain all the knowledge required to make your own Roman blinds to complement and personalise your home. Whether you’re a dab hand with a needle and thread, or a complete beginner, I am looking forward to meeting you for a fun, informative evening.


To book a masterclass, priced £25 per person,  CLICK HERE.

Alternatively, call 01243 698062, or email


Spaces are limited so early booking is advised.


For information about blind safety, visit







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