Creating a Festive Home

Posted on December 15 2017

Creating a Festive Home

Creating a Festive Home

The latest Applemoon blog written by Lucy Hughes

Going into the festive season, organising Christmas parties, the Christmas tree and the table décor can all be very stressful and exhausting. This month we are here to ease the burden and bring you lovely ideas on how to decorate your table in an effortlessly beautiful way this Christmas on a variety of budgets.

Colours trending this Christmas are the dark blues, mossy greens and violets. These deep, warm and berry inspired tones will give your home an aura of elegance and class without appearing cold and gloomy.



We believe that homemade Christmas touches can really bring your whole festive design together. You can still create a luxury lavish, interior by layering fabrics. Don't be afraid to let these fabrics be inspired by florals, richly toned colours and luxury velvets. It’s okay to be bold with your colour palette this festive season!

One of the most straight forward and easy centre-piece decorations you can use is foliage like pine cones and eucalyptus branches. Whether in a glass vase, bowl or as a part of a homemade wreath. By drying out the pine cone in the oven you can remove any bugs while keeping them open, this means that you can either spray paint the pine cones or dip/roll the tips in glitter or artificial snow. An easy, simple and beautiful way to pull off a napkin display for your table this festive season is to roll the napkin in a small knot and tie it up with berries and cinnamon.

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What table would be complete without name places?

A lovely way to create beautiful name tags for your table is to attach a card label with ribbon (or string) to a pine cone. The addition of name places to a table can raise a simple display up to create one of elegance. You can use this principle and attach your name tag labels onto many things such as dried citrus or herbs, conifer branches, cinnamon sticks, baubles, lavender stalks or holly branches or even mistletoe for a little fun!

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By folding the pages of a book or a magazine you can create a cone shape kind of Christmas tree. To decorate your trees, you can coat them in glitter, or use sewing pins to create miniature baubles etc. This is a beautiful way to create a table centrepiece, while getting everyone involved in the fun. If you have exposed beams in your home, you could (using ribbon or string) hang upside down branches above the table, in doing this you can hang ribbons, baubles, weave in foliage and berries alongside any other decorative accessories.

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Try hanging other decorations from the ceiling using ribbons. You could make this more visually engaging by hanging each bauble or paper star at different heights.  

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However, this Christmas you may choose to stick with some of the more traditional methods of decorating the table by creating a woven garland or centrepiece. Whatever you choose, by adding some personal touches you create a more personal and memorable Christmas for you and your family.

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From all of us here at Applemoon Interiors, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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