Are you embracing the colour trends for 2018?

Posted on March 19 2018

Are you embracing the colour trends for 2018?

How’s your 2018 shaping up?

Mine is off to a flying start with all the new year goals I mentioned in my last post, coming to fruition.

 My lovely staff and I have been inundated (in a good way!) with commissions from Applemoon clients who are keen to inject their homes with a fresh, updated look; whether that’s a complete interior redesign of their entire property, the transformation of one room, or simply a new pair of curtains or blinds.

 When out and about quoting for interiors jobs, I’m frequently asked about new season trends; clients often want to know whether they should take these on board, or avoid them like the plague!

 I’m always quick to point out that while it’s great to be au fait with current trends, it’s not necessary to follow them slavishly to a tee.

 In my opinion, your home should be a special sanctuary, reflecting your personality and life experiences.

 Making colour and style choices is incredibly subjective and there are certainly no hard and fast rules; it’s all about creating schemes you love, can live with and feel very proud of.

 For instance, although ultra-violet is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018, I have yet to encounter a stampede of clients banging at the front door of the Applemoon HQ, desperate to paint and furnish a whole room in this provocative hue, but I guess there’s still time!

 There really are no rights and wrongs in interior design, and my job is to advise and steer clients through the myriad choices available, helping them create homes in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, and further afield that they absolutely adore.

 This year, I’ve noticed a definite move towards introducing much more colour and vibrancy. Although grey is still a neutral choice for interiors, key colours such as teal, red, navy and emerald green, are becoming increasingly popular.

 As well as sourcing bolder fabrics and striking wallpaper to create more impact and interest, I’ve been encouraging clients to think about adding pops of colour with furniture, such as a statement armchair. I have also pointed them in the direction of beautiful soft furnishings, for example, patterned rugs and bright cushions, trimmed with pom-poms or braiding.

jones interiors, pom pom trim, bobble trim

 Here, at our shop in Westergate, near Chichester, we’ve certainly been mixing it up by rejigging and redecorating, ahead of our forthcoming relaunch (more details about this exciting venture to come later).

 With more than 500 fabric books to browse through, plus paint charts and wallpapers, I am, admittedly, spoilt for choice. But after careful consideration, I knew my heart lay with award-winning artist and designer Emma J Shipley’s recent Animalia collaboration with Clarke & Clarke.

emma j shipley wallpaper, clarke and clarke, wallpaper

 The designs, which incorporate rich velvets, luxurious satins and shimmering effects, are a magical and exotic combination with dark, dramatic colours, emphasising the intensity of the jungle scenes.

 Emma’s enchanting, nature-inspired collection of fabric and wall coverings, have definitely caught the eye and captured the imagination of several of our clients.

 Whether you are feeling brave and want to go all out with colour, or have a subtler approach in mind, Applemoon is here to work with you, to turn your dreams for your home into reality.


Interior design trends to look out for in 2018

Retro 1970s feel and geometric patterns

Wood panelling

Luxe fabrics, such as velvet and embroidered fabrics

Marble and marble-effect finishes on soft furnishings

Plants, plus botanical and tropical prints

Bolder colours

Pastel hues


Metallic touches including brass and gold

Macramé, fringing, tufting, tassels and feathers

wallington 3d panelling

 This wood panelling from Wallington can be a great alternative wall covering, adding warmth and texture to a room - samples available to view at Applemoon Interiors.


nkuku armchair

nkuku planters 

These home accessories and lifestyle products are from one of our favourite suppliers - Nkuku.  All their products are made by artisans worldwide and all hand-made from natural products. 




  • Denise North: July 18, 2018

    Hi Kim and team
    Looking forward to news of your revamp and relaunch at HQ. Keep the good ideas coming and let the good time and trendy wallpapers er roll! X

  • Alys: March 24, 2018

    So many exciting trends! I love seeing how interior designers are so clever at pulling all of the colours and patterns together, especially in the hectic maximalist trend!

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