Flooring that's out of the ordinary

Posted on May 24 2016

Flooring that's out of the ordinary

Flooring that’s out of the ordinary

When it comes to floors, some of us like to stand out from the crowd - if you have a yen for a floor that gets everybody talking, we have four ideas for you to ponder:

Rubber flooring - natural, hypoallergenic and naturally supportive


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Rubber flooring can be ‘virgin’ in other words straight from the rubber tree, or may be recycled (from car tyres etc). Oddly enough, recycled rubber flooring can be more durable than virgin. Rubber’s natural properties are amazing; it can be installed without toxic adhesives, it can be fully recycled, and its elastic nature is fantastic for those with any kind of health issue, but especially varicose veins. Pregnant women also report that rubber flooring is a boon for aching legs and backs.

Barrel wood flooring - environmentally friendly, unique, ‘adult’ flooring

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Reclaimed wood flooring is nothing new, but flooring made from whisky and wine barrels is relatively uncommon says’ Jonathan Sapir MD of UK based WoodandBeyond. This innovative approach developed out of a desire to keep old barrels out of landfill - the process requires steam pressure to straighten out the round staves which are then laid as narrow boards. The print from the barrels (which is usually branding, not printing per se) is randomly displayed across the flooring, giving it a unique look. Does it smell of booze …? Only, the manufacturer’s say, if you get your nose right down on the floorboards, might you pick up a hint of vanilla off the oak boards. Can you get drunk on it? No.

Money no object - diamond studded floor tiles!


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Move over Damien Hirst! The good news about the Pietra Firma LuxTouch tiles is that they are multi-purpose, being equally suitable for floor, wall or ceiling use. The bad news is that this adds up to a genuine million dollar floor. Each individual marble contains 95 brilliant cut diamonds which are displayed in a black agate circle with a floral pattern incised with mother of pearl. The corner of each tile contains an abalone and mother of pearl feathered design, making these tiles the world’s most expensive ever.

Liquid colour - tiles that dance as if nobody’s watching


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Well, they only dance if you do! Once the preserve of ‘80s nightclubs, the liquid colour floor tile is now yours for your kitchen, bathroom or even children’s bedrooms. It might sound like a fad but these tiles have a profound value for certain people, especially those with sensory issues, as the colour change in the tile can promote skills balance, and provoke movement. Strong and comfortable underfoot, they’re a trendy addition to the average home that allows us all to ‘boogie on down’ in privacy.

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